The Peril of Prosperity

Pastor Jeff Cox


Description:One day he woke up and just didn’t need the Lord like he used to. He settled for half-measures, half-seeking the Lord, and half-obedience. He traded his gold for bronze. His God given success and prosperity settled him into mediocrity and he never rose up again. The awakening message to us is: Think of all the blessings you have. Be humble. Be Thankful. Be earnest. Need the Lord like you did in the beginning.

Look Back. Look Ahead.

Pastor Jeff Cox


Description:Though nothing really happens when we cross the invisible line of midnight on New Years; but we may never lose our facination with it. There is something in us all that gives us pause for reflection and looking ahead. This message from Deuteronomy chapter eight gives informed persepective to people between seasons.

Christmas Service

Pastor Dan & Pastor Jeff


Description:Our Christmas Candlelight service featured Pastor Dan reading Luke chapter 2, the story of the birth of Christ to the children with their participation. Pastor Jeff read the story of the "Other Wise Man" by Henry Van Dyke, to the adults.

Breaking a Spirit of Poverty

Pastor Jeff & Suzie Cox


Description:We are all made in the image of God. That means that we built in with a creative impulse to innovate, to expand and to steward something small into something bigger. We are not called to be lazy and ineffictive in prospering what we put our hand to. We are designed for prospering in work, giving in generosity and living by faith. Are you finding yourself close-hearted and close-fisted? Are you always living on the edge of panic with respect to finances? Then you have a spirit of poverty. This message helps break that thinking.

Worst Psalm in the Bible

Pastor Jeff Cox


Description:Psalm 88 is, arguably, the worst psalm in the Bible. There is just nothing hopeful about it. One commentator said of psalm 88: “It is a wintry landscape of unrelieved bleakness.” Even the last word in Psalm 88 is darkness. Even though it is the worst psalm in the Bible it has a lot of great lessons--especially to the mature.

Samson: The Making of a Backslidder

Pastor Jeff Cox


Description:Samson’s story is less on of a hero and more fool as it shows us moral slide of a man who could have been defined by great character rather than a few great exploits. In the end, Samson finds a redemption, of sorts, but it comes tragically and with the loss of this own life. In Samson, we find a character study that doesn’t inspire us to be. Rather, it is a character study that shows us what not to be. Samson shows us what a backslider looks like.

Thanksgiving Service

Pastor Jeff Cox


Description:Various members of the congregation share their thanksgiving to the Lord. Pastor Jeff closes with a personal story about a "shallow thanksgiving." Shallow Thanksgiving (Story attached below)

Would Jesus Be President?

Pastor Jeff Cox


Description:This message was preached on Sunday before our national election. It answers:What is happening in our country? (14:30)What should we do? (34:25)How to find encouragement whoever wins. (39:25)

Six Sins Against the Holy Spirit 2

Pastor Jeff Cox


Description:The message continues with:4. Quenching the Holy Spirit5. Resisting the Holy Spirit6. Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit (The unforgivable sin)

Six Sins Against the Holy Spirit Part 1

Pastor Jeff Cox


Description:The Holy Spirit was given to us by Jesus Christ to be our Helper and Advocate. He empowers us to do the work of the Kingdom with the departure of Christ. The Bible teaches that there are six sins against the Holy Spirit. Part one includes: Lying against the Holy Spirit, Grieving the Holy Spirit and Insulting the Holy Spirit.

Proof of Life

Pastor Jeff Cox


Description:The Bible teaches us that we can have assurance of salvation. How can you know if you are saved? This message gives seven biblical priniciples that prove salvation.

When a Good Testimony Goes Bad

Pastor Jeff Cox


Description:You will not live very long as a Christian, until you will see with your own eyes, or hear with your own ears the fall of a person who is known to be a Christian. It can be very impacting, cause great concern and raise many questions:Who is affected? (More people than you think)How should you respond? Is there a way back for the offender?Finally, is there a way to tell if the offender is on the right track? (Signs of genuine repentance)

Marriage Matters

Pastor Jeff Cox


Description:What you should know about "living together".

Enlarging Endowments

Pastor Jeff Cox


Description:The last of the 25 parables: Some servants were given endowments by their master to enlarge while He was away. Some of the servants accomplished their tasks, but others did not. When the master returned, an accounting was taken of the servants’ stewardship.

Lighted Lamps

Pastor Jeff Cox


Description:Ten virgins “went forth to meet the bridegroom.” Five were wise; they took enough oil for their lamps and were prepared to meet the bridegroom and attend the marriage feast. But the other five were foolish and did not take enough oil for their lamps. So they were not able to meet the bridegroom and were shut out of the marriage feast.

Wedding Wrath

Pastor Jeff Cox


Description:A king arranged a marriage feast for his son. But those invited to the wedding would not come and mistreated those carrying the invitation. In wrath, the king punished the rejecters. Then he invited a new group to the celebration. At the wedding, the king found a man from this new group who was not dressed in a wedding garment; in wrath, the king punished him, too.

Marriage Matters

Pastor Jeff Cox


Description:Marriage matters. What you should know about living together.Marriage was God's first institution. It was ordained by God to build the family. From there, the whole of society is built. If marriage is diminished, family is diminished; and it is just a matter of time until society is finished.

Why We Sing?

Pastor Jeff Cox


Description:Part of our Why? Series. This scriptural look at the purpose of praise had contributions from different worship leaders from Southland. More importantly, those contributions were backed by potent scriptures on the dynamic of praise in the life of the believer.

Rebelling Renters

Pastor Jeff Cox


Description:The parable: A man planted a vineyard, and rented it out to others. At harvest time, he sent his servants to receive his share of the fruit. But the renters mistreated all the servants, even killing some. Then the owner of the vineyard sent his only son, and they killed him, too. This resulted in the owner of the vineyard bringing harsh judgment upon the rebellious renters.

Sinning Sons

Pastor Jeff Cox


Description:The Parable: A man had two sons. He told both to work in his vineyard. One son said he would not, but afterward repented and went to work. The other son said he would obey immediately, but he did not show up.

Hiring Helpers

Pastor Jeff Cox


Description:The Parable: A farmer hired laborers to work in his vineyard. Throughout the day, he hired more laborers. At the end of the day the farmer paid all the workers the same wage. This caused those laborers who were hired first to complain of injustice, since the later hires got the same pay as those who worked a much longer time.

Contrasting Confessions

Pastor Jeff Cox


Description:Sin’s best hiding is in “righteous” places and “righteous” people. In fact, Sin, sin of the most base kind, can hide in the most righteous looking people in church on any given Sunday. God exposes sin to reveal that all sin and every sinner needs a Savior--even Jesus Christ.

"The Gospel: Words We Can Treasure"

Lester Larios


Description:In world coming apart through sin, we can easily be distracted from the words that really matter: The Gospel. Lester reminds us that the eternal message of the Gospel is our Hope and Stay in times of earthly flux. Refreshingly simple with heavenly truth: Jesus holds all things together, Jesus has reconciled us and Jesus is over all and coming again.

Redemption, Reconciliation & Unity

Pastor Jeff Cox


Description:In world that is coming apart, we need to be community that is coming together through Jesus Christ. More than ever, the church needs to be a living witness of redemption, reconciliation, unity and love. It takes a supernatural work of God in the heart to make that happen. That is something we have and it is what the world needs.

Persevering Prayer 2

Pastor Jeff Cox


Description:This parable is similar to another account of a friend who comes at midnight to seek bread for a visitor from out of town. Both parables stress the importance of prayer that perseveres, so we are using the same title for both studies. There are some contrasts. In the earlier account, a friend is praying for someone else; this is intercession and is about provision. In today’s reading, someone is praying for self; this is petition and is about protection.

Serving Steadfastly

Pastor Jeff Cox


Description:This parable has a rigid feel to it. It would seem to “take the joy” out of the Christian life. It seems to paint the Lord as a strict taskmaster who over burdens his servants. But every lesson has a goal. This parable actually has a purpose to improve genuine service and to fuel faith in the work that we do.

One Minute After Death: Heaven

Pastor Jeff Cox


Description:When a believer dies, does he go to sleep until resurrection? Is paradise heaven?Will we recognize others in heaven? What will our bodies be like? Jesus' parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus gives us glimpse into what happens, one minute after you die.

One Minute After Death: Hell

Luke 16:19-31


Description:What happens one minute after you die? “If anyone would know, the One who is Eternal would.” The audio was not recorded. A written manuscript is provided.

Altering Accounts

Pastor Jeff Cox


Description:An accounts manager was soon to lose his job for siphoning off money and the company materials. To provide for a future with no income, he contacted all of his master’s debtors and reduced their debts, thus obligating them to return a favor and help him when he was without a job.

Lost Lad (Part 2)

Pastor Jeff Cox


Description:This crown jewel parable continues with the deliberation of the lost lad, his deliverance, the Father's delight and the disgruntlement of the elder brother.

Lost Lad (Part 1)

Pastor Jeff Cox


Description:The Parable: The younger of two brothers demands his inheritance, and then takes it and leaves home. After wasting it all in wrong-way living, he comes into dire circumstances; this convinces him to return home to a joyous father. The elder brother, who never left, is embittered at the celebration for the returned prodigal. Of the three parables about lost things, this story, commonly known as “The Prodigal Son,” is the gem of them all. Part one deals with the son's demand, his departure, his degradation and his destitution.

Lost Lucre

Pastor Jeff Cox


Description:The parable: A woman had ten coins and lost one in her house. So she lighted a lamp, swept the house, and hunted diligently until she found it. After finding her valued treasure, she called her friends and neighbors to rejoice with her.

Baptism Interviews

baptismal candidates


Description:These testimonies are powerful to listen to. Each and every one is a story of God's intervening grace.

Selecting Seats

Pastor Jeff Cox


Description:The Story: Those who go to a wedding feast and take the seats of highest honor will be told to go lower; those who take the seats of less honor will be told to go higher. (This message is short by a technical difficulty. Pastor's full notes are included below)

The Resurrection You Need

Pastor Jeff Cox


Description:The man who wrote "I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live." was a man who formally hated Jesus Christ. He was the least likely man to become a Christian. He believed him to be a false Messiah and his followers enemies of the true faith. He legally hunted Christians for capture, persecution, imprisonment and execution. He was to the Christians then, what ISIS is to Christians now. He stood holding the coats of the first Christian martyr, Stephen. He was a feared man. But God divinely dealt with him. He blessed him with the ability to see that HE was the problem. When God dealt a death blow to SELF in the life of this man, it was the death he needed. Only then could he experience the resurrection that he needed. It is a resurrection we all need.

Fruitless Fig Tree

Pastor Jeff Cox


Description:A man has a fig tree that has not produced any fruit for three years. He orders the tree cut down. The caretaker of the tree asks that it be given a year of grace. In this parable, Christ teaches us something about God’s expectation, His adjudication and His consideration.

Persevering Prayer

Pastor Jeff Cox


Description:At midnight, a person asks a friend to give him some bread for a guest who is coming in from out of town. The awakened man is in no mood to get up and help, but changes his mind because of his friend’s persistence. This message looks at: The Traveling Friend, the Praying Friend and the Sleeping Friend.

Sympathizing Samaritan

Pastor Jeff Cox


Description:The primary A neighbor is anyone who helps someone, no matter how unsavory, even if it means being interrupted or paying a costly price. A neighbor extends compassion. A neighbor cares.The greatest neighbor of all time was Christ; He showed great kindness and mercy to miserable mankind.

Demanding Debtor

Pastor Jeff Cox


Description:What if there was a stopping place for God’s forgiveness? We would be in trouble. Peter received amazing grace after his three-time denial. Like us, he needed ongoing grace on more than seven times seventy occasions! With this in view, how can we “keep score” with others?

Sowing Seed

Pastor Jeff Cox


Description:We learn from this story that people respond to God’s Word in four different ways. This is a key parable, because Jesus tells the disciples that unlocking it unlocks so many others as well (vs. 13). The Lord is cultivating His students to be better listeners and even to hear deep spiritual truth. This parable is a good exercise for them, and it is a good exercise for us. Jesus reveals the secrets of the parable very plainly.

Devoted & Debt-Free

Lester Larios


Description:Some sin is obvious and some sin is not. A prostitute is obviously a sinner. But a well-dressed and respected professional? Not so much so. Jesus’ parable is prompted by the arrogance of a dinner host and the humility of an uninvited guest. One doesn’t realize he is much of a sinner. The other feels the weight of her sin. Breaking her heart and her treasure at the feet of a Savior she has the great debt removed. Jesus tells the parable to open the eyes of the not so obvious sinner: “He who is forgiven much, loves much. He who is forgiven little, loves little.”

Foundations First

Pastor Jeff Cox


Description:Parable 1: The story of two houses. The first parable that Jesus ever tells is the parable of two houses. It is fitting that it is the beginning parable (of 25 stories) because it speaks about how people start to build their lives, either wisely or foolishly.

Why the Parables?

Pastor Jeff Cox


Description:Why Did Jesus Use Parables?“Give ear, O my people, to my law; Incline your ears to the words of my mouth. I will open my mouth in a parable; I will utter dark sayings of old,” (Psalm 78:1–2) Pastor Jeff kicks off the new congregational reading and Parable series.

Nehemiah's One Day

Pastor Jeff Cox


Description:Nehemiah prayed for many days. But then, this one day comes and he says, “Let your servant prosper, this day.” As the grandfathers in the faith have taught us,“You cannot do anything until you have prayed. But after you have prayed, you can do more than pray.”Yet there is one man who stands between and him and his work, the King. Friends, rest assured. After a season of prayer, there is one day when a door will swing open; one day when God’s prospering hand will move the restraining hand of circumstances.

Nehemiah Prayer

Pastor Jeff Cox


Description:A pastoral call for January 2016 to be a month of prayer:“This man had a true appreciation both of how things outght to be and how they actually were. We will never be instrumental in God’s purpose until those two things are clear in our hearts.” Nehemiah came to know the heartbreaking reality of how bad things really were. Turning to the Lord, he found the favor of God to become an instrument and remedy to the situation. Let us follow in his steps.

Jesus Handles Religious Bullies

Pastor Jeff Cox


Description:Jesus handles some bully lawyers who used their religious knowledge and powerful positions to hinder real people from coming to the Lord. There is a stereotype of Jesus, the meek and mild, who never raised his voice, never got angry and avoided conflict. Nothing could be further from the truth. Jesus had the nerve to handle religious bullies for the sake of the weak.

Don't be Religious. Be a Christian.

Pastor Jeff Cox


Description:“The Pharisee was astonished to see that he did not first wash before dinner.” (Luke 11:38)Now this was not about hygiene. This was a ceremonial washing. A religious exercise that was based less on the law of Moses and more on the religious traditions of the Pharisees. Jesus didn’t do it because it wasn’t commanded of God and he didn’t want to encourage ritual-making for religious works that don’t matter. The Pharisee had a critical spirit. Religious people do.Don’t be religious. Be a Christian. Jesus tells us how.

The Lamp on a Lampstand

Pastor Jeff Cox


Description:Why does Jesus Christ and genuine Christian faith stand leagues apart from Islam, Mormonism, Buddhism and Hinduism? Other religions started with a private dream about God, a private angelic encounter, a private idea about God. One person told everyone what he saw. With Christianity: Jesus did and said everything PUBLICALLY. The public told everyone what they saw. Jesus is the Lamp on a stand.