Jesus Part 1: The Right Start

Pastor Ben Blumer


Description:What do you think of when you hear the name Jesus? Interestingly enough, you'll find there is a wide range of answers to that question. And yet, the reality of Jesus' impact is undeniable.

Better Part 3: Do Better

Pastor Matt Ewart


Description:There can be days or even years in life when you feel like your abilities are not fully recognized or utilized. If that's you right now, there's hope. Your purpose never escapes God's notice even if you're forgotten by everyone else.

Better Part 2: Manage Better

Pastor Ben Blumer


Description:You have been given financial resources to manage. The way you manage those resources has a big impact on the mood and quality of your life. Did you know that God gives you a better way when it comes to money and finances?

Better Part 1: Choose Better

Pastor Matt Ewart


Description:Have you been settling for normal? The normal way to manage your life will often lead to dissatisfaction and unreached potential. The good news is that when it comes to the fundamental areas of your life, God shows you ways that are Better than normal.

Reformation Part 3: Final Authority

Pastor Ben Blumer


Description:At the time of Luther, the Bible had been taken out of the hands of the people. As a result the church of his day fell into some big errors that undermined the core message of the Bible. What's keeping the Bible out of your hands? In this message you'll discover why it's so important to have a Bible reading habit, and what you can do to start it.

Reformation Part 2: Undefeated

Pastor Ben Blumer


Description:The Reformation of the 1500's was one of history's most pivotal movements. The results of this movement are still being felt today. And yet, at the time, the truths of the Reformation were counter-cultural. Its success required great courage from Martin Luther and those who joined him. Courage is still required for those who are passionate about truth.

Reformation Part 1: Radicalized

Pastor Matt Ewart


Description:The story of a radicalized monk who was driven to the point of despair will give you insight into the things you let into your heart and life. Are you accommodating something that God wants you to eliminate?

Welcome Home Part 2: No-Show

Pastor Ben Blumer


Description:No matter where it meets or what it looks like, the Christian Church is centered around a love should make it feel like home to all who attend. The key ingredient that makes a church feel like home is when it celebrates the same things that God celebrates.

Welcome Home Part 1: Homecoming

Pastor Ben Blumer


Description:Home is meant to be a place where people feel loved and valued. It’s a place where people long to be. That’s exactly how it should be with the Christian Church. No matter where it meets or what it looks like, the Christian Church is centered around a love should make it feel like home to all who attend.

Fuel Part 2: Comfort Zone

Pastor Matt Ewart


Description:The fuel that drives every Christian is the love of Jesus. Those who experience his love are compelled to pay it forward to those around them. While that path is often rewarding, it is rarely easy. It may require you to carry a cross... or at the very least leave your comfort zone.

Fuel Part 1: The Why Behind the What

Pastor Ben Blumer


Description:Have you ever felt like you were just going through the motions in life? Have you ever found yourself looking for a greater purpose as you navigate each day? The right motivation can fuel you past feelings of indifference into significance.

Esther Part 6: Continue the Celebration

Pastor Matt Ewart


Description:Everyone loves a good celebration, but there can be times in life when the call to celebrate is silenced - times when it seems like everything is going wrong and God is nowhere to be found. The ability to celebrate is absolutely essential, and the conclusion to the book of Esther reveals how every person has a reason to continue the celebration.

Esther Part 5: Roll Call

Pastor Ben Blumer


Description:A roll call call reveals which students are present and which are absent. Have you ever wanted to do a roll call with God? God has promised to be present all the time, but sometimes it seems as if he is absent. This tension over God's presence is nothing new. The good news is that God's silence doesn't mean he is absent.

Esther Part 4: Cheering Section

Pastor Ben Blumer


Description:There's something in us that longs for the applause of others. Sometimes this longing can become all-consuming. It has the potential to affect our view of life and our impression of others. In part 4 of Esther you'll discover why this is a part of you and what to do about it.

Esther Part 3: Dangerous Calling

Pastor Ben Blumer


Description:We all want to make a difference. We all want to do something that matters. And yet when opportunity knocks, we naturally shrink back or find excuses. Esther struggled with a big decision when everything in her world was at stake. The way she handled it shows how God might be preparing you for your next big opportunity.

Esther Part 2: The Grudge

Pastor Matt Ewart


Description:Grudges are nasty things. This message revolves around the story of a single man whose grudge pushed him to plan the extinction of an entire ethnicity. As we explore his life and learn what caused him to hold a grudge, you’ll discover why grudges are so common to this day... and why letting go of one is so hard.

Esther Part 1: Not a Chance

Pastor Matt Ewart


Description:The thing about the book of Esther is that God is strangely absent. He doesn't speak to anyone. He doesn't do any miracles. Nobody even mentions his name. Yet even though he isn't front & center like most other books of the Bible, Esther demonstrates how God is behind everything. He initiates plans to deliver people before they even know they need deliverance.

Thinking Part 5: I Got This

Pastor Matt Ewart


Description:You can laugh about a time in your life when you convinced yourself, "I got this," but in reality you didn't. Unfortunately this kind of over-confidence can have tragic consequences - from addictions to broken relationships. This message explores the spiritual root of this issue while addressing the roadblocks that prevent us from asking, "What am I thinking?"

Thinking Part 4: Wrong Way

Pastor Ben Blumer


Description:Whether it's life or in the car, nobody prefers going the wrong way. Is your life headed in the right direction? A lesson from the life of Jonah reveals how to avoid heading the the wrong direction... and what to do if you find yourself going there.

Thinking Part 2: Minding the Gap

Pastor Ben Blumer


Description:If you have traveled by subway, you may have seen a warning sign that reads "mind the gap." When you are unaware of gaps that exist, it may lead to frustration or even danger. The same is true of God. This message explores the gap between you & God. When you mind that gap you will keep your relationship with God in the proper perspective.

Thinking Part 1: A Powerful Presence

Pastor Ben Blumer


Description:It is so easy to feel that sense of being overwhelmed when your realize how much is out of your control. In this message you'll discover how you can have peace no matter what enemy stands in front of you.


Pastor Matt Ewart


Description:There are probably times in your life when your perspective changed too late. It wasn't until you lost someone that realized how much they meant. It wasn't until you lost something that you realized how much you took it for granted. In this message you'll discover how Jesus provides a right perspective even right now.

Greater Part 2: Multiplied Impact

Pastor Matt Ewart


Description:This series is about specific things in your life that are Greater because Jesus rose from the dead. Discover how Jesus brings extraordinary unity to those who partner together in his name. This message accompanies the launch of an initiative to impact the people of Thailand through a mission partnership.

Greater Part 1: Greater Identity

Pastor Ben Blumer


Description:When you discover the identity that Jesus lived, died, and rose again to secure, it changes where you set your heart and set your mind. You are no longer who you used to be. You are no longer who others choose to see. You are who God made you to be.

Easter Clarity

Pastor Ben Blumer


Description:Digging deeper into Easter provides extraordinary clarity in your everyday life. It clarifies what to look for and where to find it.

Broken Part 4: Financial Planning

Pastor Ben Blumer


Description:We look around our country and we see so many people broken financially. Poverty, bankruptcy, and debt are all on the rise. And yet, we live in one of the richest countries in the world. Discover the root of this problem and learn about God's plan for healing.

Broken Part 3: Feeling Unfulfilled

Pastor Matt Ewart


Description:Living in a broken world means that you will have dreams, wants, and needs that will go unfulfilled. What's worse is that it might seem like the Bible establishes rules that “take all the fun out of life,” making it even more difficult to find fulfillment.The truth is that God knows exactly what you need to be filled up. And in a way that perhaps you wouldn't expect, he teaches you what it takes to find fulfillment right now - even as you live in a broken world.

Broken Part 2: Travel Plans

Pastor Ben Blumer


Description:We live in a culture that is becoming increasingly polarized. Relational frustration is high. Healthy communication seems to be disappearing. Dig into relational brokenness to discover what we can do and what Jesus has done.

Broken Part 1: Diagnostic Check

Pastor Ben Blumer


Description:Everyone agrees that there is brokenness in this world. What people disagree about is how to fix it. This message dives into the truth that brokenness is much bigger than we might think... but so is the healing.

Uncommon Sense Part 5: Giving to God

Pastor Matt Ewart


Description:Common sense suggests that anything you offer to God would be wholly inadequate and insignificant. But the way Jesus handled an unexpected gift from an unexpected woman proves that giving to God is not a matter of common sense.

Uncommon Sense Part 4: More Than Rules

Pastor Ben Blumer


Description:Religion is often viewed as a lifestyle centered around certain rules. But what if the heart of our relationship with God was something else? In this message you'll discover what's really required when it comes to your relationship with God.

Uncommon Sense Part 3: The Wrong People

Pastor Matt Ewart


Description:Jesus defied common sense when he surrounded himself with all the "wrong" people. When you understand why he did, it will change the way you see others, and possibly the way you see yourself.

Uncommon Sense Part 2: Great Expectations

Pastor Ben Blumer


Description:Most things in life are common sense, but the most important things aren't. Fully knowing God requires uncommon sense, and that's exactly what Jesus did through interactions and conversations.

Uncommon Sense Part 1: First Place

Pastor Matt Ewart


Description:Most things in life are common sense, but the most important things aren't. Fully knowing God requires uncommon sense, and that's exactly what Jesus did through interactions and conversations.

Change Your Mind

Pastor Matt Ewart


Description:A fresh start won’t guarantee that things will be different than last time. If you think like you used to think, you will do what you used to do. When it comes to fresh starts, God doesn't start by changing your behavior. He starts by changing your mind.

The Blame Game

Pastor Ben Blumer


Description:Moving past the past in a healthy way requires you to own your piece of the past. In this message you'll discover the one thing that makes the blame game so attractive... and so dangerous.

Day One

Pastor Ben Blumer


Description:Experiences or sorrows from the past have the potential to affect your present and change your future. So before you do anything else, what if it's time to move past the past? What would it take to get a fresh start?

Finding Happy in a New Year

Pastor Matt Ewart


Description:For message notes and questions, click the .pdf below.A printed copy of the sermon is available upon request.

Worth the Wait

Pastor Ben Blumer


Description:A printed copy of the sermon is available upon request.